The Buffalo Blizzard Book

The Buffalo Blizzard Book

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From the back cover:

"The Buffalo Blizzard Book is a fascinating chronicle of the Buffalo region's 200-year battle with its legendary lake-effect blizzards and other monstrous snowstorms. The saga begins with the tragic consequences of a fierce storm on the ever of the War of 1812, and takes the ready through two centuries of dramatic encounters with Western New York's wild winter weather, including the most recent lake-effect bombardment of December 2010. Over 50 snowstorms and blizzards are covered in depth, including the long-lasting 'Great Christmas Storm' of 1878, the exceptionally destructive 'St. Patrick's Day Storm' of 1936, the ferocious 'Blizzard of '85,' the incredibly devastating 'October Surprise' lake-effect storm of 2006, and, of course, Buffalo's unprecedented and incomparable 'Blizzard of '77.'

Read thrilling first-hand newspaper accounts of these furious storms as captured in the pages of Buffalo's newspapers. Discover how snowstorms have impacted the area as times and technologies have changed. Encounter the exciting, sometimes tragic, and even humorous storm-related incidents experienced by numerous generations of Western New Yorkers. Learn exactly how lake-effect storms are born.

The Buffalo Blizzard Book is richly illustrated with over 100 spectacular photographs and prints, and 10 informative diagrams. Along with the fast-paced text, they tell the captivating story of winter weather at its very worst...and a community at its very best."

  • Hardcover
  • 342 pages