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The BFLO Store Takeover - Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs Divisional Game 2022

Posted by Nathan Mroz on

The BFLO Store Takeover - Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs Divisional Game 2022

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!

That is exactly why The BFLO Store made the 14 hour journey from Buffalo, NY to Kansas City, Missouri to go cheer on the Buffalo Bills. Through good times and bad times we will always be there for our favorite team.

Even though we did not get the outcome from the game we had ever so desperately wanted, it was still a trip to remember. From the Bills backers bars, the Josh Allen and Gabe Davis connection, and all the local attractions, we made the most of being in enemy territory as we walked the streets in Buffalo Bills gear.

The BFLO Store Takeover Video

Buffalo Bills Backer Bar

Have you ever been to a different city hundreds of miles away, but felt right at home being in a bar with all Buffalo Bills fans? Well, it definitely is quite the experience!

During this BFLO Store takeover in Kansas City for the 2022 Divisional Game, we went to Bills Backer Bar named Al's Bar and Grill. If you were a Bills fan that was currently in KC, it was the place in town to be. There were Buffalo Bills fans everywhere, inside and out, happy and excited for preparing for game day.

Al owner of Al's Bar and Grill and Nathan Mroz owner of The BFLO Store 
Pictured left to right:
Al (Owner of Al's Bar and Grill) & Nathan Mroz (Owner of The BFLO Store)


The energy was unmatched, with fans singing and dancing to the famous "Bills Shout Song" every 10 minutes! It really felt like being at home tailgating on game day. Oh, and you can't forgot about fresh out of the fryer chicken wings pouring out of the kitchen. Al's Bar and Grill most likely ordered an extra half ton of chicken wings for the Divisional game weekend alone!

The KC Hospitality

The outcome of the game is still a sore subject and that is one thing we are not even going to talk about. However, with that being said we could not have been more grateful with how welcoming the community and the people of Kansas City were to us and other Buffalo Bills fans.

The hospitality received in KC during this Divisional rivalry weekend was second to none. The local people treated us Bills fans with dignity and respect.

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium for 2022 NFL AFC Divisional Game
Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium for Divisional Playoff Game 2022


We noticed the KC hospitality the first morning when we finally reached our final destination of Kansas City. The BFLO Store went out for breakfast and quickly got talking to a local Kansas City Chiefs fan. After going back and fourth about how both our teams have great quarterbacks and who is going to win the game, the conversation came to an end and we said our farewells to one another. However, that was not how it completely ended. Unbeknownst to us, the Chiefs fan gingerly made his way up to check out counter and paid for our breakfast! He had left without even telling us as he mostly likely wanted his good deed to not be stopped and show a reflection what the folks of Kansas City are truly about. 

The BFLO Store's Final Thoughts

This 2022 Divisional matchup was one for the books. Touchdown after touchdown and we will forever be grateful that we were there in person to see it. The BFLO Store cannot thank the people and Kansas City enough for welcoming us and other Bills fans and being apart of this great divisional rivalry.

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