"Postcard Views" Book

"Postcard Views" Book

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From the introduction:

"In 1900, Buffalo, New York was the eighth largest city in the United States. As the world ushering in the new century, Buffalo celebrated its status as a vibrant center for transportation, commerce, and industry. Known as the 'Gateway to the West', it also become home for thousands of immigrants who chose to begin their new lives in this promising city by the lake.

Postcards erupted on the scene around 1907, a short-lived product of the collision of emerging print technologies and existing postal regulations. This book offers a fascinating and historically-accurate glimpse of Buffalo's Main Street in the early 1900s through postcard scenes. Postcards of this era offer a unique slice of Americana, depicting common scenes like streets, parks, office buildings and homes, chronicling the early decades of the past century."

  • Paperback
  • 68 pages, with pictures on nearly every page!