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Hugh Neeson, a 44-year employee of Bell Aircraft Aerospace, who retires as the last VP and General Manager of the Bell-Textron Niagara halls complex, will be at The BFLO Store in the Transitown Plaza at 2pm on Saturday, December 3rd, to discuss and sign copies of his new book, Larry Bell's Legacy: Aerospace Pioneering. This is the first retail store opportunity to purchase this book by Hugh Neeson, with additional submissions by members of the Niagara Aerospace Museum and former Bell Aircraft/Aerospace employees.

About the book: Larry Bell's Legacy: Aerospace Pioneering includes information about delivering 7,000 Bell P39 Cobras and P63 King Cobras to Russia during WWII, the creation of Bell Helicopter, Agena Rocket Engine, Apollo Lunar Excursion Module, and so much more!